Sustainable Data Governance with an Intelligent Data Hub


RES (Renewable Energy Systems) builds and operates large-scale, grid-connected renewable energy projects worldwide. Reducing compliance risks and operational costs related to sites, projects, human resources and party data are strategic goals to maintain RES’ growth. Introducing a sustainable approach to data governance with the implementation of an Intelligent Data Hub addresses this challenge.

Panos Tsaknis is the Information & Enterprise Data Management Architect for RES Group. He drives the implementation of the MDM program across multiple business units in collaboration with the business to deliver better decisions through data.

He shared his experience at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit London 2019. 

Topics covered:

  • Business drivers, business pains and technical pains that trigger a sustainable data governance program
  • Practical steps on how to succeed in setting up a business-driven data hub for HR, projects, sites and key accounts
  • Technical implementation and roadmap
  • Measured benefits and next steps

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