Gaining Full Visibility and Control of the Supply Chain with Better Data

When Chipotle began their MDM journey, the first asset they wanted to master was location data: all restaurants across North America and Europe. From there, Chipotle moved on to mastering their breadth of products and menus.

The great success of these projects generated positive outcomes in their digital transformation and improved efficiencies. This led Chipotle to take their MDM initiative even further and leverage Semarchy for customer loyalty information, and most recently adding supply chain information across their whole ecosystem.

Watch this 45 minute webinar recording with Hogan Le, Senior Manager - Governance and BI Systems at Chipotle Mexican Grill. Hogan shares how Chipotle leverages the Semarchy Intelligent Data Hub™ by mastering the vast majority of information across their 2,500 restaurants, and has achieved the following benefits:

  • Eliminated data redundancy costs with a single data management process
  • Empowered the business to be proactive and react quickly in a competitive industry
  • Increased brand awareness and customer loyalty with accurate, centralized information
  • Reduced regulatory compliance risks with increased food delivery traceability

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